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About us

Discover the story behind Eden Animal Crematorium.

Nowadays, your pet is increasingly taking its place as a full family member. The love between a human and an animal can be intense, as we know all too well. Having to say goodbye can be very difficult.

At Eden Animal Crematorium, we do all we can to make this painful experience more bearable, to give you a chance to give your pet the farewell it deserves, after all those years of playing an important role in the family.

Our animal crematorium is therefore equipped with all the necessary facilities to provide a calm, serene and peaceful farewell to your beloved pet.

Kim & Ivan

How did we finally turn our dream into reality? Mix a huge amount of love for each other and for animals with a lifelong dream to start our own business. Season with a lot of passion and empathy. What do you get? Exactly, Eden Animal Crematorium. This is exactly how we brought Eden into being.

We decided to pursue our dream, and use our attachment and devotion to animals to create a warm, family-oriented crematorium that puts your wishes at the forefront, understands and advises you, and gives you the necessary time to organise the goodbye in the manner you deem appropriate and expect.

A unique concept

Every facility for saying farewell to your pet in accordance with your own feelings and wishes is available at Eden Animal Crematorium in Bree (Limburg). A reception room with fireplace, homely mourning rooms, a sheltered garden, are just a few examples of this. All facilities are also accessible to people with disabilities.

Saying goodbye

It would be hard to say goodbye in a more peaceful way. At Eden Animal Crematorium, you also say goodbye in the mourning rooms. You can choose to regain your composure afterwards, in complete privacy. In our sheltered garden with its meandering paths, you can find peace near the ash scattering areas. In addition, you are always welcome to come and collect memories of your pet, our door is always open.


At Eden Animal Crematorium, we do everything in our power to organize your pet's funeral as you envisage. From choosing the urn, saying goodbye, to scattering the ashes; we support you every step of the way. And at the pace attuned to your needs.

Discover Eden

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We are at your service 24h/7d. We can always be reached by phone.

To maintain serenity and your privacy, we always work by appointment.


Industrieterrein Kanaal-Noord 1680
3960 Bree (Limburg)
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